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Promised land was created over a 5 year period, and can be seen as a continuation of my last project Glaza.

But whereas Glaza focuses on the intimate space of the budding life of a newly started family, with all the hopes and anxiety this encompases, and where the constrained space of an appartment set the scene for the project, ending with the birth of our second child... Promised Land takes it's starting point from a very different place. While my children still has a role to play in Promised Land, they are no longer the center of the project. 

Promised Land consists of 4 parts, and much like a Fugue different themes intertwine and contrast and complement each other. 

One theme is growing up and growing older. Another theme is the landscape vs. cityscape.  The vastness of space against constrained space. Being free and being captured. Day versus night.

One point is that these worlds coexist at the same time.  These themes are all "on time" and "in time".

They could be thought of as simultanious moments. Where on one side of the world a child is clapping it's hands trying to trap a soap bubble, somewhere else a bird is flying across a landscape, a man is standing on a crossing in New York, while a wave is crashing towards the coast on a tiny Island.

These moments could be thought of as coexsisting and somehow explaining each other's existance or lending meaning to or shedding light on each other's existence, by a similar gesture, by the way the light hits at a certain angle...

In the end the question remains: What is "Promised Land"? 

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